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Hi. I have some questions and I was hopping someone could help me.
I have never had any problems related to my skin, and I have a really clean face.
Recently when I looked my face in the mirror I spotted that I have some small acne all over it. I thing they are called blackheads.
They are very small and they become apparent only when you come really near to me.
Anyways, I was wondering is there any cream or gel or anything like this that will make my existing blackheads disappear?
Any help is more than welcome!


I must tell that this is very common skin problem among youth.
First of all, we must realize that there's no cream or gel or anything like this that will make existing blackheads disappear.
The only efficient way to remove them is to have them extracted
I suggest you not to do this by your self, because there is high possibility of bacterial superinfection.
There is one antibiotic called Baneocin which “specialty” is to prevent such infections to occur.
Your mother can help you with this. First you must go to the first drugstore and buy Baneocin powder to prevent infections.
Your mother can manually remove them by using a blackhead/blemish extractor.
The advantage is that the skin is not squeezed by any means, the blackheads (and generally the whole pore content) comes out because the tool is applying pressure around the pore, that makes the content pop out!
Than spread it out with Baneocin and they are ancient history!