I had been on suboxone before, but couldnt keep myself from doing other drugs while on them. So therefore, I decided i wasnt ready. Now i havnt been back to the doctor in over 5 months, Ive recently enrolled into college, got a job and have 3 kids to take care of by myself. When i went back to my doctor, first off he only perscribed me 2 a day whenever i was going before he gave me 3 a day- but thats not the main problem. The 1st week my urine sample was dirty (which isnt it supposed to be? thats the reason i wass going) So he gave me a week supply. Then the next week when i went in, i was still dirty, he gave me the week supply again and told me to make sure i was clean this week. Now that ive got some help and i am clean, his nurse calls me this morning and says he's discharging me for my dirty urine sample last week. I have already paid this doctor $280 for this month and all i got was 2 weeks worth of medication. I wont have anymore money until October 1st so therefore im gonna withdraw, and im scard to death of what im going to do with school, work and my kids!!! Please give me some help and understanding of what to look forward to.