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im a 13 year old girl and my muscles randomly start shaking or vibrating. my lower stomach is doing that too, is that bad? also my hand randomly fell asleep even though i wasnt laying on it or anything. my heart is beating faster than usual and these things just started happening but its very strange. please help.



It sounds like you might have a spastic large intestine.  The nervous system may not be working properly.  The nervous system innervates the gut muscles to churn food and move undigested material forward for elimination.  Sometimes the muscles are not activated synchronously causing what are called spastic or uncoordinated contractions.  I'm not sure what's going on with your hand or heart.  It's also possible that you have a mineral imbalance.  Magnesium and potassium are important for muscle contractions and you may be deficient in them.  You need to go to the doctor as soon as possible and checked out.  Once you have a proper diagnosis, you'll know what to do.