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hey you all i need help!..i am a young lady who is confused because i don't know if i have genital herpes or a regular fiance that i've been with for 6 years now been having outbreaks and though we do have protected sex, i am now having outbreaks..on the lower of my vaginal near my anal i have this paper cut like sore that itches and also burns after i urinate..when i wipe myself after urinating it stings very badly and hurts like some one polked me with a needle..i have no discharge or smell whatso ever..PLEASE some one out there who knows what am talking bout HELP ME!!!...thanks so much... :cry:


hi, as far as I know, herpes is transmitted through skin contact with the infected area, especially when it is soring. I would advise you to consult a gynecologist to be exact.

However even if you do get the STD, its not life threatening, only hurting only during time of outbreak when the sores come.

If you really diagnosed with herpes, you should really check on your boyfriend from whom you caught the disease from.

Either he's cheating on you or he caught it from his previous sexual relationships. Herpes can remain dormant for years even so try to listen to his reasons.

Life can still go on and you can still have a normal sex life so fret not.

Hope this helps