First off i have a 28days cycle! My last period started on january 5 and ended on the 10. Then i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 11 then on one of my ovulating day (january 18). Well like 2 weeks and 5days after the 11 i actually started feeling dizzy, tierd, lower back pain and sick to my stomach. When i usually fall on my period my boobs hurt. So this month i was soppuse to fall on my period on february 1st. (Always fall on the days i expect) so this month i was super late. I fell on it on february 3rd, but it started light pink for like the whole day then the next day i had a heavy flow, and i have cramps that came and go they was very light! I had heavy flow on february 4&5&6 (not heavy like my normal period)! Can it be my period or implantation? Please help