I'm slightly anxious because my mother was diagnosed early in 2008 with a benign tumor. She had colon cancer in pre-cancer state 10 years ago. Before that she had a tumor in pre-cancer state in one of her breasts that was removed. I'm sorry if I sound very vague with the medical terms. I'm not very familiar with them.
Anyway, my mother is getting her test results back soon and i'm praying it's nothing serious. I'm just worried and confused. I would just like to know if it's normal to experience repetitive cancer threats the way my mother did?
And what are the risks the older she gets?
The tumor was discovered when she found a lump on her breast. It turned out to be a cyst but after the fluid was removed they found a small knot, or tumor underneath the cyst. My mother says it's really small but there's a chance she might need to undergo an operation to remove it if it's pre-cancer.
Can someone just tell me what the risks are? How serious it could get? Especially since she's experienced several cancer threats already and she's 54 yrs old.

Thank you