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well it all started when his baby's mother kept making threats to me over the internet and on the phone. She's alot older than me, but after being with my boyfriend for two years, i've had enough. Well, i didn't let anyone know that i was going to comfront her, not even my boyfriend. This sunday, we met in a public parking lot face to face to drop off his son and she didn't want to fight me, because she knew what she was in for if she even tried.

Anyway, when i approached her (finally after two years of her treats) he got upset and shoved me in the car....NO BIG DEAL!!! but on the way home, i felt relieved that she was nothing all along but a punk that just likes to talk trash. I turned the radio on and he turned it off, i don't know why he was upset in the first place, when he just told me a month ago that it was between me and her. After fighting with the radio for a minute, he smacks my hand, so naturally i hit him back! Next thing i know we're fighting and he's hitting me like a man and calling me b**ches and stuff. His homeboy in the back seat had to tell him to stop hitting me. He's twice my size and about 3...400 pounds...thats where all the strength came from. This isn't the first time he's hit me when we were arguing. Even though i hit him, is spaining my arm and figures right? i'm mean seriously...i'm still hurt and its tuesday


Personally I do not feel it is right for you to hit him or him to hit you. In the past did you hit him before he hit you?
Some might say you had it coming! If he just starts hitting you during an as fast as you can! I was in an abusive relationship and let me tell you hitting only got worse.
One thing I'd like to point out here...A great idea for you would be to be the "bigger" person and ignore the baby's natural mother's threats. Most time exes don't get along. That's normal but if you ignore her threats (I know it'll be hard!) maybe someday she will realize the threats are pointless, doesn't make you upset and she'll quit.
Something that really, really bothers me is the fact that you are fighting in the presence of a child. Do you have any idea what you are doing? Do you have any idea what you are teaching that child? Do you have any idea how it makes that child feel when you fight?
Personally I feel it's child abuse! But I know this stuff happens every day.
Take my advice, for the child's well being, QUIT fighting whether it's you and the child's mother or you and the child's father.