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I have had my cat for about 5 years now. I have owned cats all my life never had a problem. 

For a while now I've noticed when he sleeps on me for long times, especially near my face (and that's his favorite spot, right on my chest with his head against my cheek) I start sneezing, water eyes, stuff nose, itchy eyes, itchy nose, coughing. 

I didn't think much of it cause it only happened when he laid on me for long periods of time. 

Recently I noticed that those symptoms happen faster when he's on me, plus I have a skin rash. At first I thought it was acne cause it used to be whenever he'd rub his face against mine I'd break out. Usually if I was extra attentive with soap and not touching my face it left in a few days. 

For weeks now I've had this red, itchy, bumpy rash on both sides of my face and it's starting to go down my neck and onto my chest. 

I am very careful about touching it and I wash it every day with special soap for sensitive skin. It's not helping. Also I had acne breakouts when I was younger and I never remember them itching so intently, stinging, throbbing, and being this read and not clearing up in a week only to get worse. 

It's really only in the areas where he rubs against my face or lays on my chest. Also there is the sneezing and coughing and everything. 

I am 28 years old, grew up around cats and dogs, also have a dog but she's huge and doesn't lay on me or ever get in my face like that. I cannot see a doctor as I went a long time without insurance, do not have a GP and any dermatologist I contact wants a referral. I am moving out of state in a few months and getting an appointment here would mean waiting til January, and that's just for the GP and yes I checked into it. 

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Home remedies? Or even some how find out if it's my cat? He's my little baby I love him deeply but I cannot keep watching this get worse as I am a semi-pro model believe it or not and showing up for pictures like this is NOT going to help me, also it's damaging how I feel about myself and I am already at a very low self esteem level and now I don't even want to leave the house. 

Any suggestions? 


Hi Monica,

Yes, it is possible.

Prolonged exposure to any substance can lead to developing an allergy.  You could try brushing the cat often OR even giving the cat a bath.  It may reduce the allergens - it's not the fur, it's a protein from the cat in it's dander.

You could also just deny your cat access to your bed/bedroom.  Let is share the rest of the house but keep that area off limits.

Or, you can try allergy meds.  You could try some Benadryl, try a very low dose, and see how it goes.

Long term, yes, see an allergist.

Good luck!