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I'm 54 year old female and I never had problems with my skin. In fact people always tell me I look 5-6 years younger. But, I still have tiny wrinkles in the corners of my eyes from laughing and few above my upper lip, which bothers me more because they make me look like I have mustaches. I've tried some popular anti aging creams, but they're simply don't work. My dermatologist recommended using Retinoids. Does anyone have experience with this treatment? Also, I don't want to go under the knife, so if you could suggest any natural treatment or products for getting rid of wrinkles, I'd really appreciate that. Thank you.


Yes, you can get rid of wrinkles without surgery.

Here are some thoughts of products and things that have worked for myself and friends.

1. Banana.  yep.  Mush it all together and apply carefully around your eyes.  The potassium and other things help.  It's a bit messy though.

2. Go to  There is the first ever FDA cleared Facial stimulator that works on the muscles, so getting to the root of the problem.  Muscles in better shape, skin lifts and bye bye wrinkles.  Money back guarantee even though you won't need it.

3. Almond oil.  Rub it in around your eyes, and your whole face, hands.  Great because it fills in and moistens those wrinkles.

4. There is a cream that I found to work.  It take some time, but it is well worth it.  Go to  Again, there is a guarantee on this one too.

5. Do you sleep on your side?  When you do, you are contributing to wrinkles.

6. If you like to juice...again over time this will help...a handful of cucumber, kale, green apple, cabbage and a bit of mint.  If you want, you can add carrot to sweeten a bit more.  Drink up.