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Last night i had i weed atack i dont know wtf was happening i was fightin with my life the world changed everything changed the time stopped from that moment i started to scream run broke ect. it was my birthday yesturday and it was the most terible day that i live it . dont smoke weed you can have paranoie , and you will try to kill your self to get up from nightmare but it`real :S .........


don't worry dude. u just mighta smoked too much weed that night. If you are a begenner smoker, than that is most likely the cause.

My first high was awesome perfectly dosed out for a begenner it was very comfortable. but my second high i got severely paranoid smoked a little too much weed. I had these thoughts that the world is going to end or that I was going to die. And i felt everyone was out to get me. I was freaking out while all my friends were having a good time. It was uncomfortable. I even woke up from a bad dream that night. My take just keep hittin the j until you feel great, then stop hitting it cuz if you have more than u can handle it will freak you out and u won't like it.

But i kept smoking it which might have been unwise or illogical but i didn't care

But as i kept smoking it, my brain got more used to it. And now my highs are very comfortable, even if i smoked a bowl every second of the day. Like if i were to smoke a bowl after bowl all day long and do nothing else, it can put me in the zone. I wouldn't suggest getting that high cuz I let it take over and now I can't quit, i've tried for a whole year. Still smoking at the end of the year!. I know i had the possiblity of developing schizophrenia at the time but as I kept smoking I actually found I have a legitamate medical use for it. I was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome at age 8 (im 17 now). Anyways living with aspergers is hard, especially when you have extreme anxiety which frequently causes me to freak out in all social areas. In my state I qualify for medical marijuana treatment. It helps me socialize and those common and very uncomfortable freak-outs that I had everyday for 15 years, it was getting old the constant stress was getting to me.

So i found out it can actually cure aspergers, but i gotta go 1 more year before i can make it legal for me.

And i probably have to stop taking my adderall, and switch over to weed. Weed is grown cuz its a plant. Adderall is made in a lab, similar to a meth lab. So i'd rather have something thats natural, not made by mixing toxic chemicals in a lab so i'm stickin to weed