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I'm 21 .. I have been smoking weed for two half yr now.. And at first It was awesome! I loved being high... Baring in mind is suffered anxiety attacks since I was 12 but recently they had been fine up until last yr. I ended up in a hostel and was never awake and not high.. I smoked from am to pm.. Depression kicked in and two month later I had a breakdown.. I went into total denial.. I thought I was going to die constantly.. Putting my alarm on for every 20 mins through the night to make sure I'm alive.. Or sometimes not feeling connected to the world like nothing was real.. Like I was loosing my mind.. I've also lost 5 stone In a year and now getting treated for anorexia due to not eating because of my anxiety due to smoking weed.. Now ur going to say have u stopped? We'll no. At first I did.. For a few weeks I was scared to smoke it because I knew what it made me feel like .. After a while though slowly but surely I was hooked again.. Now we are around 8 month later .. I still heavily smoke weed everyday but not as much. So when I am straight headed I'm a normal person.. As soon as I've had a joint. I go weird. My chest feels like there's so much pressure on it. I have to have my hand on my chest for the feeling to pass .. But never fully goes.. I get pains in my head arms legs.. Everywhere. And I'm convinced I'm going to loose my mind or for sure die.. Feeling dizzy lightheaded .. The pressure also goes round my throat. I know this is all anxiety and to make it go away I need to stop the weed but I just can't.. It's like it's the only way I know how to function and live. If that makes sense? It's crazy I know. All in the head! Mind over matter.. But advice is always appreciated !


I know EXACTLY, how you feel.  I am 18 years old, and I've never been a drinker however I was smoker for about 2 years and I to used to suffer from anxiety. During that time I maintained a 3.7-4 GPA and exercised everyday (Under 6 min mile). The first year smoked a couple times a month. The second year I smoked about once a week and for about 2-3 months I smoked almost everyday. I quit for 80 days and started smoking again about once a week, then twice a week, then the everyday drill.  I remember nights when weed was my everything and at the same time it was nothing.  Eventually, I realized I was just chasing the original high and that real and lasting happiness can only come when you are not under the influence of anything.

The only advice I can give you, and in all honesty if you take this advice for what its worth it will help TREMENDOUSLY with your anxiety. 


Your thoughts become your actions.  If you think it your body will listen!!!Keep a journal everynight and right down.  "I am happy without weed" and "I am comfortable in my own skin".   DO IT even if you are high lol. I have two notebooks filled cover to cover with. "Today was a good day and I did not smoke, Tommorow I will be happier".

Also, the EASIEST, FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to get rid of anxiety is to spend less time on screens such as your phone, computer, television.  I do not watch, television and I've finally sold my smart phone and my anxiety has almost completley dissapeared.  The relief is so deeply satisfying.  ALSO, Remeber that all life is beautiful and your existence is a miracle.  Spend some time with your thoughts!!!

To be honest, the only way I got over weed was through meditation, exercise and service.  Personaly, I believe all that matters is that you live your life with the greater good of humanity in mind.  Be a positive influence on this PLANET, and do not partake in the negativity, our society is to often caught up in. 

Your mind is a marvelous thing,  you'll be amazed at what it can do!!!

I truly hope you can find the inner strength we all possess to simply let go.  Trust me, you won't regret it! Feel free to email me and I will be keeping you in my thoughts! Do your best to stay positive!!! :)

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