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Hey there,

I was so hooked up on this cereal diet program. I am on this one right now, and so far I am satisfied, but I must say that it is hard to follow it because I can’t find a lot of recipes as well. While I was trying to find some things about ti, I find out that cereal diet lasts for two weeks only. At first, I was really surprised :) After that I was happy, because I really don’t have any more ideas what to eat :D

Can you tell me is this true?

Thank you a lot! 


Yes actually this is a two weeks diet challenge: D If you follow it correctly, you would be happy with it. They are saying that you need to eat 45 g bowl of Special K cereals (not any other kind), or if you don’t know what Special K cereals are, those are low – sugar Kellogg’s cereal. You can combine it with low fat milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you like. One thing, no alcohol is allowed :)

You can follow it for two weeks and you can see miracle :D I am sure that you are going to like it. Sounds great, right?





I must say that I am not that sure about those miracles. Let me tell you why! My sister, Anita was a big fan of this diet program. She loves everything with cereal, every single thing. I believe that they make a really good earn because of her :) Since she adores cereals, she wanted to try this diet program as well. She told me that this was such a mistake because she couldn’t find any recipe that she could make. She was on this diet program for two weeks and nothing happened  :)

Her story, not mine :) If you are willing, you should try it :)





It can’t be that bad? Because, I really know a lot of girls, even boys who have lost their pounds while they were following this diet program. Now, I believe that we all are really different, but I can’t tell. As for your question, yes, this diet lasts for two weeks only, but you need to follow every single rule, every single meal plan, there is no cheat meal, like in some diet programs where you can really cheat for one day.

If you think that you are able to follow it, feel free. You have all my support.

Have a nice day!