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Hello everybody. Today at work this woman came to me and out of nowhere she started talking with me about some diet programs. It was a bit weird since we barely know each other. She then asked me if I can recommend her some diet program since she noticed I lost a lot of weight lately. I explained her that those pounds I lost were the result of stress and personal problems, and not the effects of some diet. She said she was sorry, and I could tell she felt uncomfortable because of her question. She then said she is probably gonna try some diet called Cheater’s diet and then she went. I was very intrigued by the name of this diet. Have you heard of it? How did it get its name anyway?


Here is how. Cheater’s diet is a healthy diet plan and therefore it suggests healthy eating habits.

But at certain times you are allowed to cheat and that way you will actually help to boost your metabolism and you will be able to burn your calories much faster.

Because of that cheating option the diet got this name.

It can also be a commercial trick since everybody is, just like you, intrigued when this kind of name comes up. And the idea of cheatint while you are on a diet is attractive to every one of us.

I hope you will find my explanation accurate.



I find it accurate, that’s exactly what I thought. I just wanted to make sure that I am right.

 I only heard the name and I supposed there must be some kind of diet program which you need to follow, and then, at times, you can cheat on it. But it just seemed too good to be true, so I decided to ask. Just in case.

I believe it is a very attractive idea to many people. Not many diets allow you to cheat, not even a single meal during the whole diet period.

I will probably start following this diet soon.