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Hi there,

I don’t have so many experiences with forums or sites, but I really hope that you can help me about some issues.

So, a few days ago, I started to follow Harcombe diet program. I had some recipes that I found on the internet, some of them are just mine creation, because I don’t know exactly how this diet program works. So, I’ve decided to ask one friend of mine, and she told me that everything will be just fine, if I follow three phases until the end?

What three phases?

Is it true that Harcombe diet consists of three phases?

Please, help me about this!


Hello Guest,

Yes, it is true. This diet program is split into three different phases. That is why this diet program is very easy to follow. Phase 1 is the intense one, it is designed to give your weight loss a kick – start. It works, because in the first days, your motivation is at highest level. The second phase is less intense version of the first one. But, she has the same aim – you need to continue where you left, from the phase one. The most important thing, it is tasty :). The last one has aim to be for as long as you want to maintain the weight you have achieved.

So, basically, this diet is all about following a few very simple rules, and that will make this diet work for you forever :)

Good luck! 



Hello everyone,

It is easy to follow, because all rules are created just like they should be created. Simple, easy and effective.

It is very important for you to know what can you eat and what should you avoid in those three phases. If you don’t know, I can help you.

In the first phase, for breakfast you can eat eggs and bacon, lunch – white fish with salad and dinner – roast chicken with vegetables. In the second phase – breakfast – ham omelet, lunch – tuna with salad and dinner – fruits with some light yoghurt. In the last, third phase, you can eat almost everything that you want to eat.