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Hey people,

How are you! So, my friend is always complaining how she can’t find a right diet for herself :/ I really do love her, but she is a little bit boring now :/ Every diet program that I recommend her to follow it, she always have something why she doesn’t’ want to follow it.The last one was The Rice Diet solution. I have told her that this one can help her, because she has a few extra pounds, nothing much. She told me that this diet program is not for her, because this diet is effective for obese people.

So, I was really wondering, is it true that the rice diet solution is effective for obese people only?

Thank you very much! 


Hey there,

This diet program is a very strict one. And, it is effective for everyone, as far as I know. Not just for obese people. But, of course it is very effective for obese people. But, of course, before starting this one, you should consult your doctor. I mean, any obese human should. It is the most important thing/

This diet program is good and it has a lot of ingredients that you should eat, such as vegetables, frutis..It is ok and I am sure that you can lose your weight, but of course, it takes time :)

Good luck! 



Hi there,

The same thing I told her. I told her that she can follow this diet program, it doesn’t matter does she has three or 17 extra pounds. But, of course, she has her side of story as well :)

I can’t wait to tell her this information :) I know that this is good diet program, it is not based only on rice, and that is good, because, you can eat really a lot of good things and you can eat healthy.

Thank you very much for your information :) I can’t wait to say her that I was right :)

Joke, of course!