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Hi people,

Since I find out about this wu yi tea, I have to say that I am really curious about it. I really want to know how this one can help me lose my weight. That is my first question, but it is not the main question :)

I was wondering what are the main health benefits of wu yi tea? Can you please tell me what do you know? Is it possible that those benefits really can be so good for my healthy?

I mean, if this tea can help me, I would be really, really happy about it.




As far as I know, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from drinking this tea. It can help you with weight loss, your cholesterol level, metabolism, energy, it can prevent your hearth diseases and even strokes, it can prevent cancer, it can help you with some infections. Also, it is good for healthy bones and beautiful, soft skin. When you are stressed, wu yi tea is also a great idea.

It is good because it can reduce the effects of hypertension as well.

Maybe I just can’t remember some benefits, but I hope that those are good so far.





Hello everyone,

My sister is drinking this tea for a while now. This wu yi tea is actually a form of tea that is gaining huge popularity because of healthy benefits. The most important thing of this beverage is that this one is burning your fat, very quick.

But, you also should know a fact that this tea is not like green or black tea, it can’t be that healthy. But, it is healthy, and that is more important. Wu Yi tea contains a little caffeine, and drinking it is healthy.

You can use it without any fear, I know that.




Good day all,

Basically, it can’t harm me, right? That is totally OK. I don’t see any negative reason why I should avoid it, I just can’t see. I think that I will try to use it, it doesn’t matter will I follow some diet program or not.

I know that drinking any tea can’t be harmful for me, but I was a little bit skeptical about this Chinese tea :) Honestly.

Thank you for your advice, I really didn’t know that this one has so many positive effects, so many benefits.

I have to say that I am really surprised.

Thx a lot!