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Hi people,

My neighbor Molly is such a lovely lady. She is 67 years old and sometimes she is all alone. She just wants some company, and sometimes I go to her place to drink some tea with her. I have to say that I was really surprised when I saw that she is drinking wu yi tea. When I told her that this tea is for weight loss, she told me that she is using them because of all healthy benefits and that she really doesn’t want to lose any pound.

But, I was a little bit surprised when I saw that she was putting some sugar in her wu yi tea. I mean, I was thinking that this is not allowed. Am I wrong?

Do you put sugar into your wu yi tea?


Hello there,

Well, as far as I know, you can’t put any sugar into your wu yi tea. I remember that I was reading some article about it, and I found there a lot of comments, but as far as I can remember, everyone wrote that you should not use any sugar, because it is a diet tea.

Now, since your neighbor is drinking this tea because of its health benefits, she shouldn’t be worried about anything.

But, if you are using it to lose your weight, sugar is not allowed, especially the whit one :)

Maybe I am wrong, so correct me, please :)




I am really impressed


Good day all,

There is no sugar in your wu yi tea. You just can’t put it in there, it is not allowed. I remember that I was talking with one friend of mine about this, a few months ago I think, and she told me that anyone who wants to drink this tea, should do it without any grain of sugar in it. Indeed, she told me that you can put just a little brown sugar, but still, it would be much, much better without any sugar :)

Now, I am not sure is it the same thing in her case, when she is drinking it because of it healthy benefits, but still – no sugar :)

Have a nice day!