So I had sex once, a year ago and i think i experienced a bit of itching back then. More than a month ago, I began having a tingling and itching feeling around my penis and scrotum and noticed these small 1mm spots on the side of my penile shaft. I was worried I had herpes and was on the verge of an outbreak, so I went to a doctor who took a look and said it was most likely something called 'lichen nitidus' and the tingling caused by chafing, and that it was "100% not herpes". The symptoms eventually disappeared and I thought it was fine and done, but about a week ago the exact same symptoms have returned and more... i think im experiencing something similar to penile discharge, but i havent been able to see the liquid itself. And recently I noticed odd blisters on my buttock and dont know how they got there. Also, a reddening swelling on the penile shaft.

Im worried that if I have herpes, I'm in the early stages and am about to get open sores. Could this possibly be anything else? My sexual partner of a year ago claims to have had multiple tests and is clean, before and after being with me. Ive been tested negative for gonnorhea and chlamydia. I don't understand why my symptoms reappeared a month later. The spots have remained though.

So... could this be anything other than herpes? Any info would be greatly appreciated.