Bad Scalp Sunburn 2 Years ago and now.... terrible terrible scalp issue!!!! My husb and I went to Atlantis for a week Sept 2010 and I came home with an awful sunburn on my scalp. I was also burnt pretty badly on my chest and even tho I used sunscreen all over my body getting in and out of the water from morning til night I guess it washed off my chest more than I wa s applying it. I never put any on my scalp... I didn't even think about it! The last day we were there I got pretty sick feeling- I beleive it was a touch of sun poisening. I came home with bumps all over my burnt chest and it was not acne. My scalp hurt so badly and it later peeled in big sheets with holes in it where my hair went through it. It was awful but at least it was temporary. Nope, I was wrong. I have had nothing but issues ever since and now nearly two years later it is worse than ever! About a year ago I was looking in my magnification mirror and to my horror I saw a thick scale in my hairline by the center of my forehead. So I quickly started parting my hair to find out what in the world was going on and lo and behold I had many of them! I scratched them off and it hurt my scalp a little bit but seemed to go away. Now, I have them all over the top of my head and the top back. I can't stop touching it - it does not itch at all. It is not like dandruff, it is thicker and when I scratch it off it hurts and then scabs over and is painful. I showed my dr and she RXd me some foam that cost me $60 after my insurance paid and it didn't help one bit... I tried a topical RX from my dermatologist and that didn't help. I purchased some all natural shampoo from a vitamen shop but no luck and then tried Redken scalp shampoo... and nothing. I hear that zinc shampoos help but I am tired of throwing money out of the window. I was thinking after reading tons of articles on this that it could possibly be like bacteria or fungus? And thought that maybe that is part true because I do go to bed with my hair wet so my scalp is moist for a looong time. If anyone can help it would be so great. I cannot believe this is happening because I've never had a flaky wierd scalp issue in my life! Lisa