I have been seeing the same Dr. for 6 yrs. suffering since 93 back injuryand since that time have had 720 pills a month prescribed.Have recently suffered stomach trouble in which turned out to be because in 99 i had my gall bladder out and they never told me to come back and get the stent removed.While Dr. tried to get stent out ten yrs. later he perforated my bowel and had to remove a piece of the intestine.Now I go back to my Dr. and he cuts my meds from 720 to 600 for a long time at 600.Now since this happening he cut me right in half to 300 and he said he will go down by 100 next time and so on til eliminating me as his patient.He said i should go to pain mngmt.and he wont write anymore narcotics as he wants to deal in suboxone which is a cash visit250.00 and a prescription of which my ins. doesnt cover.My question is Im having a very hard time doing at this rate.Im in so much pain and now of all times they meaning my Dr.doesnt want me to get my meds from him anymore.Plz tell me what the hell is going on. thanks!!