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Hello all

I am interested in Voyager v3 pills; actually they are not for me but for my grandma.

I’ve read some articles and I’ve found some information about it and I found out that they contain a couple of different stimulants, especially caffeine. My grandma is very sensitive to caffeine so I want to be sure that this product isn’t caffeine based before I buy the pills.

I would be grateful if someone could give me some useful information about this. Please feel free to write everything you think that may be useful about the Voyager V3 pills. I am looking forward to receive your replies.


Well, it is not very easy for me to answer your question.

As you may know caffeine is a natural stimulant and it is the ingredient of coffee and some kinds of teas. It makes you feel awake and that’s the reason why people drink coffee in the morning.

Voyager v3 pills contain caffeine but I wouldn’t say that they are caffeine based. If your grandma is hypersensitive only to caffeine but not to the other stimulants that these pills contain, then I think she may use the product.

But, tell her to be careful and not to drink coffee or teas that can contain caffeine.



Ok, thank you a lot Tinkerbell23. I knew that these pills contain different kinds of stimulants but I wasn’t sure about caffeine. Your information is very useful but I still don’t know what to do. My  grandma totally trusts me. If I buy her these pills, she starts to use them and they make her feel ill or something that would be really bad situation.

Maybe the best solution is to buy these pills and tell my grandma to be very careful and if she notices something strange immediately to stop using them. I hope my grandma will lose at least 50 pounds with the Voyager pills and that she will never have problem with obesity.