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Hi all

Am hoping someone can help me out with this one.. After giving birth of my dd whom is now 3 and 4wks old, I experienced itchiness all over my body, strange thing is that, I never had itchy skin during my pregnancy and now I do.. It started a couple of weeks after I was discharged from hospital... And I have been itching ever since and now my body looks awful with itching scars..

Does anyone know of any remedies to get rid of the itch and umm the scars?? Am currently using the Bio-Oil stuff but not seeing any results just yet..

Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated.. Look forward to your response..


Hi there, I am so sorry that you've gotten scars all over you but once you get a scar, you really can't doo too much to get rid of them. You can definitely try to minimize the look like perhaps using microdermabrasion or something but that's the most that you can do. You might want to consult with a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist to see what your options are. Please let me know okay? I'd like to hear what you decide to do.