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HI ..

My age is 25 and since my teenage i have been suffering from acne problems.
Becoz of pimples i have got light scars on my face and many many open
pores. And on my nose i have few very big open pores. It looks very ugly on face.

In my early 20ies i used to get big pimples but now I dont get much big puss filled acnes but each and every pore of my face is filled with some white things. I guess its WHITEHEAD all over my face.

When i take out that white part from pores of my face, i feel light from inside but on other hand my face skin get swallon by that and its look more ugly, as if it is bitten by mosquitos.

I am trying to use product meant for the oily skins but dint get any difference in my skin appearance. I am trying to use home made face mask of tomato and sandlewood, it takes out some oil but still i dont feel freshness in my skin.

I got married last year and my husband tells me that i should do something to my skin so that it looks smooth.
If i touch my skin I feel its uneven becoz of pimple or whithead or ......i dont know WHY.......

I have read about MICRODERMABRASION, how much effective it is and can you tell me some other method too to keep my skin in good condition.

In some other forum i have read about epidermix microdermabrasion products, did anyone has used it and can throw some light on how effactive it is in minimizing pimples and in removing scars from face??

Please help me... i dont have anyone who can guide me in this..


hi pg, i think the best thing for you to do would be to see your doctor. rather than using topical products (things on your skin) it is often best to treat the cause from inside with a form of medication. there are many different meds available that can be very effective, when combined with creams etc. microdermabrasion is a way of removing the top layer of your skin so that it feels and looks slightly smoother, this may be worth you looking into eventually when your skin has settled down, but without proper treatment of the cause of the problem your skin will only continue to erupt. hope this helps.


thank casig for your help :-)


You should definitely see your doctor.
What worked for me was a combination of an antibiotic called tetralysal and a gel called isotrexin.
This way you are treating the acne from the inside and the outside.
You should avoid microdermabrasion until you get the whiteheads under control.
Also avoid any cosmetic products unless they state on the bottle that they are non-comodegenic.
Otherwise they will clog your pores and cause more whiteheads.
Best of luck.
And remember that other people rarely notice a few little bumps on your skin. Although i do remember how upsetting it can be when your skin is causing you problems. But don`t worry it can be treated. The isotrexin gel takes about a month to work. The tetralysal about 2 months.
A regular facial in a beauty salon helps to keep your skin clear. But most importantly is to remember not to put any cosmetic that will clog your pores onto your skin.


I'm just starting on Isotrexin with Minocyn (a form orf tetracycline). I've been on it for two weeks and a couple of days ago my chin and jaw line started to get much worse. large painful spots are appearing each day whilst the old spots are taking a long time to clear.

I noticed in the reviews of Isotrexin that a flare up is not uncommon with Ixotrexin is it common to get a break out that is this bad and how long can I expect before things get better.

Also Should I give the Isotrxein gel a break for a couple of days to see if the spots heal before going back to it.

Thanks very much



Fiona 72 I have been given the tertalysal and that isotrexin gel, how long does it take to completely clear up your acne, because I'm beginning to get impatient now as they haven't cleared up, please rey and give me some advice on how to get rid of them :(?


hi.. i suffered breaking out since college almost 5 years until i reach this age (20-25 years old). i may say that a lot of topical products i applied to my skin since then but nothing works. some of them got an excellent outcome but later on after a months of religiously using the break outs coming up.. the feeling of depression arise and my self-confidence really affected whenever i interact with other people. as i continually bothered with my skin condition, i go to my derma.. she prescribed me an antibiotic so called tetralysal 300 mg.. i took it once a day for 2 weeks then every other day for another two weeks.. im glad for the better results.. people says what up with the great skin.. simply amazing as they say.. =) right now no break outs.. im just having a maintenance applied to my skin exclusively for my country only.. thanks..