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Ok I guess I'll lay it all out here and hope that someone can give me some advice. I wish I'd been closer to my dad!

I'm currently happily married and we have a very active sex life, we'd be at it an average of 1 or two times a day (alot more at the weekend rather than during the week) if we could but we can't or it seems we can't.

I guess I want to know whether some or all of my/our symptoms are form overuse or not, at the moment we can't have sex at all and it's very annoying not to say frustrating for us both.

I have some sores on the foreskin; 2 rings circling around the foreskin of dried and split skin. They feel exactly like the skin of your lips do when they dry out in the cold and split. It stings to put water on them and they feel scally. Sex is out of the question and although it doesn't hurt if I'm erect any movement does; it akes a burn feeling on the outside of my foreskin, not on the glands itself.

I'm also getting a lot of a white substance under my foreskin. Now I know this could either be smegma or Thrush but I have no idea how to tell which, it isn't itchy which is why I'm not sure it's thrush but no matter how carefully i clean it every morning (without soap I jsut gently rub it off in little rolls under runnign water) there is almost always as much to clean off the next morning, even if I havent' had sex or mastabated. This is a problem I always rememebr having though it is sometiems worse than others again confusing me as to whether it is just thursh or smegma.

My wife has been sufferring with recurrent thursh infections, we have both seen doctors who told us to go to the GUM clinic (The brit version of a VD clinic) who tested us for anything nasty; it all came back negative and they sent us home not seeming to be interested in anything that was not as exciting as a proper full blown STD they also refused to treat us as a couple citing confidentiality. Frankly I'm at a loss of what to do, I've tried some moisteriser on it, but this doesn't seem to help, and certainly makes the white stuff worse.

Now I'm tempted to use some anit-thrush cream just in case, but the instructions for men is to apply it twice a day for 2 weeks, I did this in the past once and after about a week my foreskin seriously started to dry out; once I stopped with the cream it improved.

I'm tempted to leave it alone as much as possible and see if it improves, but frankly we are both so blue about the lack of sexual activity I'd love some positive thoughts that at the end of this drought it will have improved.

I don't know who else to talk to; in the uk the GP seems to think anything penis related should go to the GUM who only seem to care if it's an easily diagnosable but serious problem (Cylamdia, Gonherrena, herpes, HIV, UTI etc.) so I have no idea where to go next, my wife is american and so is angry there are no gynacologists specialists, that you can go see without a referal, in the uk system like there are back in the states.

I have no idea whether our sex life is too much and so this is all due to excessive wear and tear or not!

Please help!



look up Zoon's Balanitis. Go to a doctor, I did.


You have a Candida Albicans fungus infection. Go to your GP. If he can't or won't treat it, he can refer you.