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My husband has cracked, peeling, bleeding hands. He saw a dermotologist who put him on topical lotions and creams. No Help, he went back they did scrapings and found out it was a fungis and exezema thing going on. So, they put him on lamisil and oral steriods. The steriods seemed to help but 10 days after stopping the steriods it all returned. Now they want to do allergy testing on him. They think this could be allergy related. Is this a good course of action or should we go see another doctor like internal medicine.


I have cracked and bleeing fingertips, I wrap them in guaze and sergical tape after I cover them with Aquaphor Ointment at bedtime. AFter a few days it heals. I hve been told by the doctor it is eczema and was given ointments that didn't work.
My husband's cousin has the same problem but it is his entire hand. Lotions,creams etc. don't work. He has taken pills orally that didn't work even steroids that made his face blow up like a monster. They now have told him he is allergic to everything in his house. I don't know about that. He has gone to an allergist etc and no one can help him. I would try another dermatologist if I were you.

I can tell you, that when I am under more stress than usual my fingertips crack and bleed. Maybe you should keep a journal of what he eats, and his stress level, maybe you will see a pattern.