So I've been getting a rash for a long time that seems to come up when I masterbate often. I'm starting to get worried about it thinking it might be herpes. when I started getting the rashes I wasn't sexually active and was really young (9-11ish), but I have been sexually active since. The rash usualy starts on my stomach when I masterbate often (anymore then once or twice a day) and itches intensely, when I scratch it it gets worse and starts to pus and bome inflamed. Since I started getting the rash it has spread to other places like the my ribs and back and even occasionaly my neck. It looks sort of like herpes, but I don't get break outs that go away in a few weeks time, instead it lasts for as long as I frequently masterbate and gets worse the more I do so. Any help with this would be amazing, I just can't bear the thought that it's herpes and the lives I could have ruined becuase of it.
p.s I have seen a doctor about it, but have not been formaly tested for STDs/STIs