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I recently began tro get small itchy bumps on the right side of my face, near my jaw. This started a few days ago after I had shaved. I originally thought it was nothing and that the bumps would go away after I had put lotion on my face. I've had spots pop up on my face before after shaving only to have them go away a couple of hours later. I thought it may have been because pf dry skin as well, but they've also began to spread towards my cheek.

I've been trying to think of what it may be. I haven't changed my diet, shaving cream, after shave lotion, or the type of razor I use. They don't have a white or black head on them, and they're only noticeable in certain lighting as they're the same color as my skin.  I'm thinking it maybe some sort of rash, and hopefully it's something that will clear up quickly once treated.

If anybody knows or has any idea as to what the bumps may be advice and info is appreciated. I'm going to check in with my doctor tomorrow morning just in case. Thanks for the help!


turns out it's foliculitis.