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Not sure why the previous topic is locked, especially since there are allot of people with the same symptoms and no definitive cure.  

Today the swelling in my fingers and hands triggered about mid-day.  

I worked out in the morning.  
Drank water all day from the tap (Rainsoft system)
Ate a small portion of potato salad, rotisserie chicken and one slice of sour dough bread for lunch.
Filled a small blow-up pool with water for my 2 year old and spent about 45 minutes in the water (Rainsoft water)
Started cooking Chili around 2:30pm (handled allot of produce and chilies).
Ate a full portion of chilli around 4:30pm.
Had a half of nectarine around 5:30pm.
Snacked on a few pretzels throughout the day.

Started with some swelling in my big toe and in in the ball of both my feet.
By 7pm, had swelling in all of my finger tips and some red puffy spots on my my wrists.

This has been going on every other day for the past couple of months.  I thought it was alcohol related but I don't think so anymore.

I do wash my hands more than ever now with liquid soap.  I am wondering if:

1.  I am allergic to food that I ate.
2.  Allergic to the liquid soap that I shower and wash my hands with.
3.  Allergic to the water that has been treated with the "Rainsoft" system.
4.  There is something very wrong.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

I'm going to stop using liquid soap and I'm not going to consume my tap water.  If the symptoms go away, I will let you guys know.  


Literally tje exac same thing happened to me today. I'm a girl and just started my period after not having one for four months, so I wonder if this could be the cause. I don't know.. Please comment if you found something out about it! Thanks


I think it might be related to candida overgrowth. Interesting for me you posted what you'd eaten. I find that sugar sets mine off and also exercise. When you think that sugar causes the yeast in body to give off alcohol-related toxins and exercise causes your body to clear out and yeast die back gives off worse toxins apparently. So dieting, for example, can cause the die-back too. Sugar is v acidic on body anyway, so even healthy fruit can do it (plus fruit causes body to clear out). Only thing I can think of that would explain what triggers mine. Mine started when I was stressed, dieting and then eating more sugary foods than normal(always eaten sugary foods all my life), even with savoury dishes, eg mango chutney with curry. Love the savoury-sweet combo and love sweet foods. Wonder if your chilli had sugar in it (tomato sauce is loaded with sugar). Sug gets into so many foods these days. Just a thought. Let me know more, eg if you also like sugary foods like me. Or can think of anything else.