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I've been on methadone for 10 years'.. and that's after starting on Vika dans to vicodin es percs...oxycodone oxycontin... klonopin ...valium....u name it... what happened was I lost my doctor who is describing the methadone for 10 years... so now had to enter a methadone clinic.. . where the Bill got to hide I couldn't afford it so I went on a financial detox....this week!!! things were fine till I dropped to 10 mgs... my body hurts my stomach has cramps... severely b***** and irritable.... and can't sleep steadily... sometimes can't even just lay down...I gotta jump up.... I can't take the laying down... and I have severely shortness of breath.... so after all these years I don't want any sort of pill what so ever.... but got no choice but to enter never methadone clinic because now it's a physical issue!!... my body needs it to function.... so I start a new clinic tomorrow.... will this ever end? if I try and do this clinic properly will i walk away with no withdrawls ever again... or will withdrawals be horrific even if I do this right?? because my body is so dependent on it? I've gone so far four days with none.... and I just can't take it... my mind doesn't want anything to do with them but my body as I said needs it... I've been addicted to evryyhing from the past......BUT I was able to quit all that cold turkey.... I guess my question is if I decide to not go to the clinic tomorrow and I do this cold turkey how long and how bad will the withdrawals be? right now they're pretty bad I don't get much sleep I'm very irritable...restless... and can barely get out of bed..... so if anybody can help me and tell me how bad will this get and when will it end if I choose to go it alone? thanks for listening.....btw my name is Lynn


Hi Lynn


Have you tried the Imodium? Some people only need a couple at a time, but I found at the beginning I had to start with 10 and taper. I've never been on methadone, but Ihave been hard core addicted to all other types of opiate pain killers. The imodium was like a miracle cure. Tried to get off the pills 20+ times, and this time tried Imodium and having success. No sweats, no creepy crawlies, no dreams about them. Let us know how you are doing.