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Hi all. I've always had a problem with wetting the bed, but it is getting embarrassing and I want it to stop. I'm a 14 year old male and about once a week or so I pee in my sleep. At home I sleep in special underwear, but when I'm sleeping at a friends house I am too embarrassed to. I wet myself at a sleepover the other day and my friends are making fun of me for it. Anyone else have this problem ir have suggestions?

Also, I think I am going through puberty, and I havent wet myself as much recently but I think I've started getting wet dreams. I've tried masterbating and have orgasmed, but never cum much. Sometimes at night though I have weird dreams and wake up with what I think is cum in my underwear. The problem is sometimes these dreams make me pee instead. 


Hi JT,

Lots of young men have the same issues with wetting themselves.  Most outgrow it during puberty.  As you've noticed it's not happening as often.

You could very well be having wet dreams too.  They are normal and common early in puberty.  Masturbation should reduce their frequency.

I'm sure you've tried everything to stop wetting yourself.  Try not to drink much of anything after dinner and be sure to use the bathroom before bed.

Hang in there.