i recently turn 17. i think i am healty for my age. dockters never said i have any major health issues. umm lately ive been dealin wit anxitey n ive seeked out treatment. but today ive experienced something new. on my left side of my cheat i had a sharp pain in it felt like i was having a heart attack. da pain last a few seconds. but afterwards becuase my anxitey i was startin to lose my bearth and feeling light headed. just recently ive been constipatied. for dat i went to da hospital. i no theres nothing accordin to my dockters that my heart is fine. ive had tests and x-rays done but nothing seems to be wrong. for now ive had just small little sharp pains dat dont do much but just stop my breathin for a lil bit but it lasts for a few secs. i need some help in finding what is wrong wit me. get baq at me at my email _[removed]_. any help i would be most thankfull for.