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I have started having dry spots around my eyes; under my eye brows, on my eye lid and even directly under my eye. These are painful to touch, under eye is swollen on the spot. They are dry flakey but once flaked off it returns is back dry once more and repeats the process.


There are various reasons for red spots around eyes. You didn’t mention if this resembles some kind of a rash maybe? Dermatology is very complicated and there are so many secrets that are not discovered yet. Anyway the most common reason for any type of rash, spots around eyes is allergy. Allergies don’t include every time sneezing and crying but sometimes just spots which can be painful or itchy and since you feel pain when you touch yours this could be the solution.

But anyway you need to see dermatologist so he can determine do you need medications or just some creams are gonna make you feel better. Let us know about the diagnosis and treatment options.