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I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for years now and so far it has been limited only to my hairline/ scalp. When it’s in a full flare-up there’s nothing that really helps to ease it down but steroids, but even in ‘calmer’ periods, it’s still visible and itchy. I’ve heard and tried several natural remedies but nothing had any lasting effects. The one thing I haven’t tried yet, but I’ve read some positive experiences, is coconut oil. From what I’ve read, I can easily see how it’s used externally, but some people also recommend both coconut water and coconut oil to be consumed, too. Any info on what exactly needs to be done and how would be greatly appreciated and also, is it really necessary to drink both coconut water and coconut oil for it to be effective?

thanks for help



Coconut oil, as well as olive oil - applied directly to affected spots will definitely help to ease the symptoms - at least from my experience; olive oil helps with my eczema because area is not as painful. I assume it offers at least this relief for psoriasis patches, too. I'm not too sure if it's necessary to drink coconut or olive oil to achieve this, but at the very least - it won't do you any harm either. In fact, if you just use it when preparing meals, they are far healthier alternative. To me it helped to just rub in gently small amounts of oil several times during the day. It's as simple as that,

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