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I’ve been having major issues with psoriasis patches on my face that seem to be resistant even to steroid creams. It’s been so bad that it made me want to be a male so I could at least grow a beard to cover the ugly patch. But I’ve been also looking for alternative treatments for psoriasis on the face online and some of them seem just too harsh, like using apple cider vinegar directly on the patch.

One interesting advice I found, and am hoping to hear any experiences about is that Ponds dry skin cream can help greatly with long-term face psoriasis. Is there anyone on here using this cream? Did you notice any positive changes?



I have pustular psoriasis on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet; it is a very painful, rare form and very hard to treat. I tried every prescription, OTC, and homeopathic known to man without any relief for 12 years.  One day during one of my many searches for relief I ran across a woman on an internet forum who posted that her brother had the worse case of psoriasis she had ever seen and that he too had tried everything he could think of. She suggested that he try Ponds, which he did and his skin was clear within about three weeks. I thought it sounded unlikely, but then again I was desperate and decided I had nothing to loose...I finally bought a jar and tried it. Let me stress that I had absolutely no expectations for Ponds. In fact, I figured I just wasted my money again and so I just let it sit there for a few days because I did not want to be dissappointed again. Anyway, I finally applied it every night (a little goes a long way) and within 2 to 3 weeks my skin was 100% clear! Once clear,  I applied it once a week for several months. Now, I apply it a few times per month.  I have no idea how or why Ponds cleared my skin, but you can bet I am NEVER without a jar. You may have tried it by now, but if not and you do decide to try it I wish you the best.