My husband used to abuse drugs quite alot when he was younger and just before he joined the army. He's 32 now and we have been together over 7 years and I've caught him on the odd occasion with cocaine and once with MKat knows how it makes me feel and I loose respect for him as it makes him a different person, I've threatened to leave him and have actually left but he only seems to take it when he's in hid home town visiting his "friends" I wont ask him to stop seeing them because I know they have been threw alot with one another and I don't want to be that person. But I am out of options we're in couples counselling but he won't mention the drugs , I know for sure he's not addicted to it because its only when we're by his home town and can go months without it, its mainly a problem with me because he's not the same on it , he lies and has been known to get violent and embarrass me and belittle me in public but only under the influence of drugs , any advice will be appreciated .. Thank you