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I have been married for 10 years and my husband is becoming extremely jealous. It became worst when he went through my phone and found out that I was talking to a classmate hours when he was not around. I never spoke with the classmate in front of him because he is so jealous. I did not cheat it was all school related but he does not believe me. He gets my lingerie and undergarments and smell it. If he sees a spot or an odor he immediately thinks I had sex. I am not allowed to wear matching undergarments. I am going crazy. I am even considering divorce since therapy does not seem to be an option. Everyone is telling me that it is normal and it will fade with time. Could that be possible?


high!you are talking to mlamli. man in general have got a problem when it comes to woman. i also had the same prblem to my previous relationship of 8 years and it ended badly and even to the current one i am still jelous. i even stalk my girlfriend or changed my identity on social network so i can ask her to be my lover and if she agreed it wuld be over. i want her to delete her male friends because they intimidate me. my sister its an obsession and its gonna be very hard to stop it as it culd lead to the end of your marriage. you can try and prove to him that he is the only one to you bt thats not gonna be easy.there are ather millions of guys out there who are going true that gudluck to you.