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i had hip replacement on Nov. 8, 2014. It is July 1, 2015. I am still experiencing chronic and debilitating pain in my new hip. It is the worst in the morning when I get up. My muscles are all balled up and tight. I have been back to my orthopedic surgeon, and he has done 2 X-rays. He says the hip is exactly in the right place and sends me home. Something has to be wrong or it wouldn't hurt this badly! Should I go to him again or find another doctor?


Hi Guest,

Yours is a VERY common complaint.

Unfortunately, many doctors focus on the benefits of hip/knee/etc replacement surgeries.  Few talk about the risks.  Even when they do, most people don't consider that the outcome may not be positive.

Your surgeon is likely correct and the hip is exactly as it should be.  

Your general health and physical condition - before surgery - had a STRONG impact on the outcome of the replacement.  There is a lot of physical therapy to be done as well.  Remember, there was a lot of trauma to your hip/leg and your whole body in general during this surgery.  Tissues were cut/damaged and there was also trauma to the nerves.  Pain is a common symptom. 

Without knowing your history we can't tell you if what you are suffering is normal and how long it can last.  That all varies.

Put these questions directly to your surgeon - DO NOT let him try to change the subject or give you anything but a direct answer.  YOU need to advocate for YOURSELF - no one else will.  Some doctors don't want to spend time with a patient - MAKE THEM.  Be polite but firm.  If you aren't satisfied contact the board of registration for your doctor.

Good luck.