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Hello all, looking for some insight, I am 27 years old and male . I have a knot the has grown on what feels like attached to my esophagus. I have a hard time swallowing sometimes and it hurts . Feels like the pain is slowing moving to the right side of my neck now. I have acid reflux extremely bad and it seems whenever I have gas built up I cannot belch to remove it. Pressure builds up in my throat as a result. I also get a feeling of something stuck in my throat above my Adam's apple and cannot for the life of me swallow it down. I am without insurance so I have been leery on going to the er. Any ideas what I could e dealing with ?


Hi Matthew.  I know there are  free clinics available in most cities; also county hospitals.  Free clinics here in Houston area are funded by the churches and mostly run by volunteers.    You really need to get that checked out.  Try to avoid eating acidic foods, to help with acid reflex.  And also avoid gas producing food (green veges,beans)  I've taken simethicone for trapped gas in my tummy, it helps.