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Please tell me what is the difference between Labrinthitis and Miniere'S Disease?


Although the symptoms may be the same or similar, the difference is what happens inside of the ear. In Labyrinthitis, there is an inflammation of the labyrinths inside the ear. The labyrinths are responsible for the balance as they include vestibular system. When these labyrinths get inflamed, they cause the symptoms of dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, loss of balance, feeling sick, vomiting, etc.

The inflammation usually follows upper respiratory tract infection and may be caused by virus or bacteria.
Miniere's Disease, on the other hand, results from fluctuating pressure of the fluid within the inner ear. The symptoms are pretty similar to labyrinthitis.

There is also a difference in the treatment. Labyrinthitis usually goes away on its own or a patient may take antibiotics if the problem was caused by bacteria. However, there is no cure for the Miniere's disease but the symptoms can be managed.