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I have heard discussions that during a male UG exam, student doctors should be on the look out for lessions, cysts, and "skin tags."

Can anyone give me a definition of what a skin tag is? what does it look like?

I think I may have one. I noticed this week a growth below my scrotum on the mid-line seam that runs toward the anus. This isn't a wart, but an extension of skin that seems to have nerves, and to my dismay, blood vessel capilary supplying it.

It shouldn't annoy me, as it is pretty much out of sight, except my gal felt it while making love last week, and asked what it was. Now, I'm concerned.

Any advice?

Should I attempt to remove it with a pair of nail clippers myself?



Oh God,
I thought I could cut the damn thing off with nail clippers and it hurt like hell. After catching the drops of blood with a washcloth, the damn thing is still there and raw... I can feel it when I walk now, when I sit, when I wear underwear.

This is almost unbearable.

Can somebody PLEASE give me some advice about what I can do to end this constant pain?

SHould I try to nip it again?
Should I try a doctor? What kind?
What options do I have?



Go to a Dermatoligist or your Family Dr, they have seen it all. I have some skin tags from a Virus and it's brought on fm sitting/sleeping in a huge electrical Recliner. Dr ordered for sleep & heart problems, well it helps with that, but on the Butt so much helps causing the skin tags! Some as big as pencil erasers and others smaller. Been to two Dermatoligists who was worried about NOT getting paid by Medicare because of being deemed Cosmedic? So hardly nothing was done, so now I've got twice the damn problem.. The way around it folks, get your Doctor to give you a consul that states it's a MEDICAL NECESSARY. Then they'll get paid and Medicare won't try to get out of paying. Straight from the Dermatologist Insurance Billing Specialist. Besides being on Blood Thinning medicine when one starts bleeding, it really bleeds! If it wasn't for my Wife and Blood Stop Powder and these handy medicated bandages I would probably have to go in the hospital to get them all taken care if. I think I have around 8-10 individual ones and a cluster of them that's like a rash. Again bottom line folks, NO HOME REMEDIES, go to your DOCTOR/DERMATOLIGIST Good Luck


Take a pc. of dental floss and wrap tightly around the base of it. As tight as you can bear it. What happens is it cuts off the blood circulation to the tag itself and eventually just dies and falls off. You will know when it's pretty much dead by seeing a discoloration in the skin. I had one..and once it was discolored and with the floss still around it, it was then I nipped it with nail clippers. Didn't hurt at all. My Mom had one and she actually waited until the whole thing just fell off. It's all up to your patience..and I have none! :) Good luck.