Okay so a couple of months ago around the first week of October I pulled a muscle in my abdomen. It was so painful that I could barely breath and there was like this twisted feeling in there, so I went to the doctor for it and he said that it was just an abdominal muscle strain and just to ice it and it'll be fine. But now I have this large mass in my upper abdomen where I pulled the muscle. I'm a thin person so you can easily see it. My abdomen feels super heavy because of it and it's affecting my appetite. I can't eat because my stomach already always feels full. And when I do force myself to eat I always feel like I'm going to throw it up. I can only eat like once a day now because of this. Like today for instance all I ate today was soup and I couldn't eat any thing more than that because I felt too full. What could this be? Because from what I've researched there has never been any serious complications like this from just an abdominal muscle strain.