I'm hoping someone will give me the info that my surgeon is not very good at giving. I had a double breast lift 4 weeks ago - not a big op, just a slight lift with movement of the nipple. My right breast was reduced slightly as it was ever so slightly bigger than the left. And both nipples were slightly reduced in size to match the lifted breasts.

My bandages are off and I've followed all the rules - sports bra on almost constantly, no gym, etc - but they look different from each other and I'm really stressed and upset.

My right (lifted and reduced) breast is perfect in shape and size - the nipple looks a little stretched but I would expect that from swelling, etc. The left is not only smaller but is also less full under the nipple. Whereas the right has a nice round shape, the left almost seems like the stitches are too tight and the base of the breast slopes up to the nipple rather than curves. It gives the impression of the breast being pointed. The nipple also seems smaller.

I've been back to my surgeon twice in the last 4 weeks but he says not to worry and that there will be some drop so the breasts will end up matching. But how can the left do this when the shape is different - I cannot see how it will drop to a different shape through the stitches!!

Has anyone else had any kind of noticeable uneveness that has rectified itself?? I know its only 4 weeks but its affecting me quite badly - it was a big decision to make and now I wish I hadnt done it at all. Am I expecting too much too soon? Please help!!

Thanks x