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I just broke it off with my abf. Its been so rough. Why do i feel so guilty? And why do i think he will be all better and i left too soon?


Dear Heartbroken

When a person befomes an alcohol addict, he turns abusive - to the point of harming the partner, self and everyone else around him.I have observed families where children and wife have to put up with lot of abuse.

In a way it was right on your part to part ways - to save your sanity and help him realize that he needs to be sober. Separation from a loved one gives pain, and suffering. I can understand how you feel. Unless your partner visits a therapist, it is unlikely that he will have the WILL power to come out of his addiction. He will need more than just empty resolutions to quit the habit.

Time heals - an old saying. Meanwhile keep your options open. It is not easy to let go off someone you love. Don't you think so? Love and light