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I am a 44 yr old woman, who has never had children. I had a hysertectomy at 37(1997), due to endometriosis. In 1999, I all of a sudden (during a very stressful time in my life) developed carbuncles, out of the blue. I had a dermotologist test them, and he said they were infection, not bacterial. Prescribed Cleyomicocyn topically for this as long as needed. Dr said it was an infection that "had to work it's way out of my body". I was concerned, but after a couple of years all that remained of the carbuncles were scars.

Now, under the same type of stress I was under years ago, out of the blue I developed a lump in my right breast (same breast and underarm that carbuncles developed-they were on top of thighs back then as well) had biopsy and was told it was abscess. Today I found it was Staph. I have had a low grade fever on and off for years, and symptoms of a cold that just never seem to go away (normal temp is 97.5, and temps range from 98.9 tp 101.00) totally.

My question is: Are they related. Same antibiotics were prescribed as in 99 only this is pill form. I am worried that this will persist in my body, and has not been cleared up and stress brings it out of dormancy.

Can anybody shed any light on this? Im not worried about cancer as much as worried about not curing the infection, and not knowing if I have or not. I want this infection out of my body. I am an extrememly healthy eater, am active, anally clean with my house; though I love a hot bath. (please dont tell me to give them up!! o.O ) S
Something is not right, and I want to get to the bottom of this. Thank you! (PS Parkview OB/GYN is awesome in the TC area, and I couldnt feel in better hands, but they are human too!)

Thank you so much! May God bless all!


I am a 51 yr old female and have been dealing with my first carbuncle ever. It has been on my spine between my shoulder blades for almost 10 yrs. Didn't know what it was. I moved to the Appalachian Mts and my neighbor looked at it and put some drawing salve on it. It came to a head, the pain was un-godly and it blew like a volcanoe. It is now healing well.....with only antibiotic cream and lots of rest. I use natural healing and have for a while now. It IS an infection, but I think when they cut on you , they spread it. Just my opinion.
Mine first appeared when I was told my brother was incarcerated for molesting his daughters....and he was guilty of it. Because he did it to me. So stress IS a major factor in this.
I suggest a book by Carolyn Myss, called The Anatomy of the Spirit.
It helped me to learn how to heal myself and not to allow stress to affect my health.
And also, keeping the toxins that you take into your body to a minimum is a big thing. It allows your immune system to work the way it is supposed to. A liver cleanse would be a good thing, too. As when your liver is overtaxed by toxins it compromises your immune system.
Good luck to ya
Kat :-D