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There are many chemicals found in your beauty products. From alcohol to zinc, it’s in there! You may be wondering if your cosmetics are toxic? Can they harm you and your family? Researchers say ‘yes’, they can!
The average American woman uses around 12 personal care products per day. The beauty business is a $50 billion industry with very little safety nets and seriously inadequate labeling requirements. Just think about this: since 1938, the FDA has banned only 8 out of 12,000 ingredients that are used in cosmetics. Know what to look for when it comes to toxic chemicals you are putting on yourself, your baby, or your dog or cat.


The urban legend about lipstick having lead turns out to be true. This was discovered in a 2009 study by the FDA. Lead is a proven neurotoxin and can lead to many problems for your health. Pregnant women and young children are vulnerable to lead exposure and it can seriously affect growing babies and children.

Nail Polish

There is a ‘toxic trio’ in nail polish. It is dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, and toulene. There are many toxic-trio-free polishes out there, so check your labels.

Bath Products

Some of the bad stuff in these include sodium myreth sulfate, PEGs, quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, and diazolidinyl urea.  Check the labels for these products and avoid use of any items that contain these.


There are around 200 chemicals that cosmetic companies do not have to list. Of these ‘coconut scented’ or ‘vanilla scented’ pofucts, the word “fragrance” is actually synthetic. This means that it may contain phtalates. Look for labels that read ‘no synthetic fragrances’ or ‘natural essential oil fragrance only.’

Hair Dyes

These products are really hard on your body and hair. They have been linked to lymphomas and myeloma. One Yale University study found that women who used black, brown, or red dyes are eight times more likely to get cancer than those who don’t.


A lot of people have reactions to antiperspirants to begin with. It has been found that those that contain aluminum may cause breast cancer. Check labels for those that are ‘aluminum free’.

Face Makeup

If it is made from ‘minerals’ it may be toxic. The tiny particles in this type of cosmetic come from pulverizing minerals and can be dangerous if applied to broken skin or inhaled during application. Some of these contain titanium dioxide, a chemical nightmare that infiltrates the lungs and leads to abnormal cell formation of the intestines.