I woke this morning with sore tonsils. I have had tonsillitus quite regularily for years, so I thought I had it again. I looked at them in the mirror but did not see the usual white spots. I then thought that I may have been snoring too hard and hurt them (which has happened before!). On closer inspection I noticed a tiny loose vein joining one side of one tonsil to another part of the same tonsil. The vein is maybe 6mm across and 0.2mm diameter but it is loose i.e. I could cut it with scissors! - I can see right round it. This seems strange to me and I have never noticed this before. My tonsils are both still a bit sore when I swallow but the one with the vein is worse than the other. The pain is just like tonsillitus, but they are not swollen and do not have white spots.

Does anyone have an explanation? Thanks for your help.