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i have been searching for a couple months to find an answer to this! finally i have decided to make an appt with the ENT next week because i am concerned it could be some type of fungus or cancer. i have had very large tonsils since i was a child and have also suffered with these nasty stones. i am well aware of how they look etc. about a year ago, i stopped drinking milk with lactose in it. could be a coincidence but i dont get those tonsil stones anymore.

anyway, a few months back i started getting a sore throat which did not go away and it hurt when i swallowed on the right side. i also could feel a post nasal drip so i decided to look back there with a flashlight and noticed a tiny white spot BEHIND my right tonsil. i could also see white/clear mucus running down the back wall of my throat. well the post nasal drip cleared up on its own, but the white spot is still there. i even thought it could be a "loose" tonsil stone that was just sitting there and just needed a lot of food or drink to help it become unstuck. but here it is now several months later and that white spot has not moved. its not a patch, it just sort of looks like a small white pimple maybe 1/4 the size of an eraser head. (maybe a tad smaller?) it has not gotten any larger since i first noticed it.

so the sore throat went away, but it is back now and i have pain that feels like i have 2 windpipes and the right one hurts when i swallow. i also have a sensation that something is stuck in there and the pain goes all the way down to just beneath my right collarbone crevice. i also have a sensation of fullness in right side of lower neck/throat and maybe a bit of swelling. no fever.


Hi lvm6

Those symptoms sound pretty distressing. Glad to see you've decided to see an ENT specialist. Let us know how you go, I'm sure there are many other people out there who have similar symptoms and are not sure what to do next.

Regards, Olwen :-)