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I know that so many men have the same problem, so I hope that there are people here who can give me some good tips. I have got a beer belly and I really want to lose it. My girlfriend hasn't said anything, but I know that she finds it unattractive and I really want to get rid of it. What is the fastest way to lose a beer belly?


Although I have never been in your situation I do have a few tips for you in regards to stomach weight loss.

1) Eat 3 well balanced meals (lunch should be lightest)

2) Cut back on snacking

3) Get into a work out routine that works for you, I suggest a lot of abdominal work outs.

4) Also if it is a difficulty to run depending on age and weight you will want to start walking regularly. Running works better. Stretch first!!!

5) Drink plenty of water

All of these things burn calories and if you do them all you will receive the best result