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im only 14 years old and weight 275 pounds,i know this is a serious problem and am looking for the fastest way to lose weight,please help. 


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Loosing weight fast can be just as unhealthy as being over weight.
You need to get yourself a good fitness plan and stick to it


The fastest way to lose weight is:

to go on an Alkaline Diet where you consume a lot of green drinks which after a week or so eliminates all your cravings for unhealthy foods and replaces it with the healthy craving for green vegetables.

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You can lose only 8-10lbs for one month in a healthy way. You can lose this weight by following these tips.

  • Stay away from fatty foods and simple sugars.
  • Eat breakfast of complete carbohydrates and protein to set up your metabolism for the day.
  • Between meals snacking is a good habit. Good snacks are fruits, vegetables, low fat muffins, protein energy bars and whole wheat bagels, etc.
  • Finally to lose weight, less intake and exercise are the basic criteria.
  • Your Intake must not contain more than 1700 calories per day.