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My husband has developed a pot belly over the last six months or so, to be more exact, ever since he retired. I know that part of the problem is the fact that he mainly hangs out in front of the television and computer, and is not very physically active. I know it shouldn't, but it really bothers me and I now find my husband very unattractive. Do you have any advice on how I can help him lose his pot belly as soon as feasible?


Hi Marci287

It is difficult to lose weight on one isolated spot. A pot belly may be due to some gas bloating in combination with fat gain. If he is drinking any carbonated beverages, get him to stop and you may notice a slight reduction in the pot belly. In terms of fat accumulation, it has to a complete weight loss program. Low calorie, low GI eating plan that is suitable for him. Physical activity is a must.

Another factor to consider is slack abdominal muscles. In combination with gas bloating, these slack abdominal muscles does cause some abdominal distension that exacerbates the appearance of the pot belly. Ab exercises will help to some degree but if the pot belly is due to fat, it is not going to take it away completely. Even long walks helps the ab muscles - apart from general weight loss, the ab muscles work out by stabilizing the torso when walking.

Most importantly though, he needs to want to lose weight or do something about his belly. Hope this info helps. Good luck.